Instruments for testing
Draw your own conclusions. We are happy to show you the performance of our instruments and will provide you with a test system. There is no risk for you, and you can test our instruments for 14 days free of charge. Only return shipping is on you. We can also present our instruments at your facility or at our company seat in Hofheim-Wallau, Germany.

Instrument rentals
It is also possible to rent a system configured to your application. The rental period can last two months or longer. The monthly rental fee is 5% of the purchase price of a new system.
If the system is purchased within the rental period, 80% of the rental fee count toward the purchase price.

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)
An increasingly common prerequisite for the release of a delivery order is the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) at our site. Our FAT includes all required tests to fulfil your specifications.

Installation and launch
We install and configure our analysis systems according to your specifications and the environmental conditions on site. Therefore, you will receive an analysis system that will immediately be calibrated and ready to measure.

Maintenance and service contracts

Regular maintenance ensures that your equipment is always correctly calibrated, adjusted, and cleaned. This is a prerequisite for optimal performance and a long lifetime of your instrumentation and prevents unnecessary downtime.

In the case of a system failure, our trained service technicians will repair it fast and reliably on site or, if necessary, in our laboratory. In many cases, a replacement can be provided for the time of repair. In general, service reponse is provided within 24 hours.

Services provided by PIER-ELECTRONIC
... start with installation and include training, maintenance, and repair. Therefore, you can count on reliable operation of our instruments throughout their entire lifetime.

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