Ten reasons to buy only from us

  1. If you want, you can test and compare all our instruments for 14 days free of charge.
  2. Upon purchase of one of our products, you receive a warranty not only on the functionality of the product but also on the quality of the measurement results.
  3. Long years of application experience enable us to respond fast to your enquiries and to perform tests in our laboratory.
  4. Our fast customer service will be at your disposal even after the two-year warranty period.
  5. Due to foresighted design and a corresponding stock of spare parts, we can repair all instruments we ever delivered to this very day.
  6. If required by your budget, we offer a rental agreement that counts towards the price of an eventual purchase.
  7. We have sold process analysis instruments since 1964. Based on our experience we produce only quality products "Made in Germany".
  8. We have a wide coverage for consultation and support through cooperations with partner companies.
  9. Prior to delivery, our products are thoroughly tested according to our own quality standards, including a 48-hour long-time test.
  10. As a small family-owned business, we do not answer to short-term demands of shareholders but mainly to our customers and to our company culture.