Safety risk: Water in the braking system

Our brake fluid monitor TMK480-CT can determine the water content of brake fluid fast, precisely, without contact or interference with the filling process. Critical values of water content can be detected precisely and reliably. This system has been developed for the automotive industry and guarantees a continuous quality control of the brake fluid, providing safety and quality.
Diffusion, miniscule leaks, and the hygroscopic character of brake fluid lead to an ever-increasing water contamination in the filling system and significantly reduce the boiling temperature of the brake fluid. A water content of just 3 percent can lead to a total failure of the braking system.
Instead of longsome boiling tests or Karl-Fischer titration, which all allow but random samples, our instrument provides continuous, maintenance-free measurements.

Brake fluid analyzer

Measurement range: 0–1 % humidity
Accuracy: +/- 0.01 %
Reproducibility: 0.005 %
Drift: 0.005 % / 24 h
T90: 5 sec.
Pressure resistant up to: 10 bar
Max. environmental temperature: 50 °C
Temperature dependence without optional compensation: 0.002 % / °C