A versatile analyser

The analysers MVB-T and MV-230T digitally process the signals from the measurement sensor and compute the final data. The analysers can be used universally with all measurement sensors from PIER-ELECTRONIC. They can also be modified for use with photometers that are already installed.
The analyser MVB-T
The analyser MV-230T

Both types of analysers can be applied in all typical cases of transmission or reflection measurements. They can store up to 20 (MV-230T) or 99 (MVB-T) measurement programs (calibrations). Programs can be selected manually on the touch-screen display, automatically, or by external controls.

Data can be displayed as a time series and recorded in real time on a USB flash drive. Calibration data are safely stored in a separate read/write memory.

Operating menu of the analyser

We have determined the required bandwidth of information needed for measurements from surveying customers and service technicians and based on our own experience. After evaluating all data, we have developed a common oparating concept for all measuring tasks.

All structural decisions have been focused on the ease of operation. The daily tasks of the operator are given priority.

Comparison Chart: Analysers
Name: MVB-T MV-230T
Case: 19-inch rack case Wall mounting
Mass: 6 kg 5 kg
Operation: Touch Screen Touch Screen
Max. distance to photometer: 500 m 500 m
Current Output: 0/4–20 mA 0/4–20 mA
Voltage Output: 0–10 V 0–10 V
Digital I/O: 2x8 + 3 Relays  
Data Interfaces: USB, Ethernet, RS485 USB, Ethernet, RS485
No. of Programs: 99 20

Language selection

The analyser software can be operated in various languages. In the "language" menu, you can select these languages by entering the following codes:
Language Code File Download
German de de.csv
English en en.csv
Spanish es es.csv
French fr fr.csv
Portuguese pt pt.csv

If a listed language cannot be selected, the definition file for that language is missing. You can download it in the table above and copy it onto the analyser by FTP (target directory: /b/language; see the operation manual).
A Chinese software version is available separately.