Accessories made to measure

Optional accessories for our measurement systems adapt the system to your requirements.

Our construction department and their excellent machinery will help you to fulfil your specifications with regard to configuration or individual adaptations.

Flow cells
Whether liquid or gas: our flow cells provide the sample volume for the product analysis directly from the production line, from the storage unit, or any dedicated product stream.

The cell body, the fittings, the sampling window glass, and the seals are selected to match the product properties as well as the measurement requirements. Therefore, even aggressive substances such as chlorine or acids can be analyzed.

Flow cell Acryl glass holder Flow cell in analysis system

Flow-cell body materials:
Stainless steel acc. to DIN 1.4571, Monel, PTFE
Tempax, sapphire, calcium fluoride, Suprasil
Operating pressure / temperature:
1–150 bar, 0–200 °C

The flow cells can be equipped with heating or with Pt100 temperature sensors to monitor the product temperature. For gases, pressure sensors can also be installed. The light beam can be covered to reduce stray-light interference or to protect your staff from UV irradiance.

Calibration standards
Our calibration standards are designed to make calibration procedures easy and reliable. This ensures a constantly high data quality.
Calibration standards

Analysis system at a production siteAnalysis systems
When our analysers are used for gas and liquid measurements in chemical plants, it is advisable to combine them with other components to form a compact system.

Systems can be combined on mounting plates or in analysis closets. Such closets can be made of steel, stainless steel, aluminium, or GRP.

It is also possible to have systems equipped according to the ATEX derivative for operation in environments with an explosive atmosphere.

Traverse Systems
For flat, solid materials such as sand, grains, metal sheet, etc., the detector can be mounted on a traverse system so it can move across the entire conveyor belt. This can be required in cases where the product or a contaminant can be distributed inhomogeneously across the width of the product stream.

Additional components include:
  • Shut-off valves
  • Valves that are operated manually, pneumatically, or electromagnetically to lead calibration liquid to the flow cell. Such valves can be controlled via the analyser.
  • Valves to switch multiple streams of liquid to the flow cell
  • Sample preparation in a stripping system
  • Heating or cooling for analysis closets, flow cells, or pipes
  • Mechanical filters in the supply or drain pipes