About us

Since the founding of PIER-ELECTRONIC in 1964, we have designed and built measurement instrumentation and analysis systems ready for industrial use. Our production takes place exclusively in Hofheim-Wallau, a small town between Frankfurt and Wiesbaden in central Germany. We are convinced it has paid off that our instruments are “Made in Germany”. Having been one of the first suppliers of process photometers, our company has continuously gained a firm position on the market. The demand for our photometers has grown steadily due to the expanion of the markets in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

In 2010, we have founded our branch “PIER-ELECTRONIC China” to provide distribution and service in east Asia.

In addition to the sale of photometer systems, we provide professional consultation, extensive customer service, maintenance contracts for our systems as well as training sessions for the industrial operation of our instruments.

In addition, we offer photometer components for sale, such as flow cells.

Compared to laboratory analyses, our innovative systems provide several advantages: the production line can be monitored continuously, and our measurements use non-destructive and non-contact methods. This specialised optical method has a high potential for technological application that is still widely unknown.

Our success is based on the ongoing development of our instrumentation according to the advances of modern technology.

Thousands of installations in Germany and abroad provide proof of the quality and durability of our products. Partner companies provide service to customers worldwide.

Our current state of evolution was preceded by a development stage with support from the German Ministry of Economics and Technology.


Our main product line consists of photometers (based on the transmission or reflection of light) and of the corresponding analysers.

The photometers are used for industrial process analysis to detect various components of liquid or gaseous systems. Another application is the optical scanning and quality control of horizontal production lines. These systems are used for the quality control of the production of foils, paper, glass, and sheet metal.

Our metal workshop builds flow cells made of V4A, Monel, Hastelloy, PVDF, and PTFE. In our own laboratory, we continuously develop our instruments.


Our role as a company in the industrial sector comes with demanding responsibilites in terms of technology and society. We are willing to take that responsibility and strive to meet the challenges in a sensitive, efficient, and trend-setting fashion.

This was the founding idea almost five decades ago, and continues to determine our business culture today. It is characterised by a strong connection and respect for our customers and our employees and by the integrity of our management.

Professional recognition and economic soundness are the pillars of our sustainably successful company, PIER-ELECTRONIC. We feel obliged to our customers, our employees, our cooperation partners, and to society as a whole, and will continue to ensure this in the future.

The joy of creating new products, the curiosity that comes with new applications, and the challenge to act economically - this is what helps us to always find the optimal solution and to remain economically successful.